HyperLocal Buying & Selling

Enter a list of things you are looking for and want to buy. Enter a list of things you have and want to sell. When you walk past people in the High Street or at a Market, Your lists are compared automatically. If there is a match, you’re alerted & you can chat to each other to organize a Deal. If you’re a business, you can configure zones on a map. When Customers walk into these zones, their lists are compared with your inventory and are alerted with your details if there is a match.

Are you a business?

Connect with what people want

Use our tools to define locations on a map

Set what items you buy/sell at that location

When customers walk through your zones, their lists will be compared with your inventory. If there is a match, they are alerted with your business information

You can offer these customers discounts by sending them discount codes to the App.

Get realtime analytics of what customers are matching against in your zones